Buy autographed books by Oklahomans

By ordering a book at Oklahoma Books Online, you can own an author-autographed book written or illustrated by an Oklahoman or published in Oklahoma. These Oklahoma-connected books are sold by the authors, so the purchase proceeds go directly to the writers of these books.

Oklahoma Books Online was started as a way of providing book purchasers with an autographed, quality book from an Oklahoma-connected writer or illustrator, while allowing these writers or illustrators to share directly in the revenues of their creative products.

Orders of two or more books may ship FREE!

Although authors or illustrators set their own sale price (at or below cover price) for these books and any shipping fees, books sold at this site are shipped FREE for orders of one or more books that exceed $35.

An alphabetized listing of books available at this site can be accessed on the Books page. Each of the titles on this page are linked to a full page of reviews and a summary of this book.

Purchases will be processed and shipped on the same business day if received by noon in the Central Time Zone. Afternoon or evening orders are shipped on the next business day.

Learn more about and communicate with authors

All of the authors of books sold at Oklahoma Books Online have their own “author page” to provide information about the writer. You can find the authors for any of the books at this site on the Authors page, which provides links to a page with information about each of these writers.

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