Seaton photo

William K. Seaton

LATEST BOOK: Life Lessons for Mike

William Seaton has lived in Oklahoma for eight years. He moved to the Sooner State from California in search for something different.

He had always enjoyed putting pencil to a paper but recently got hooked on telling stories. The twenty-something believes that everyone has a story to tell of where they have been, things they have seen, and how they became who they are today.

He thinks that his own life story has started small, but with hard work he hopes to advance his own story into something that he hasn't quite imagined up to this point in life.

William says that he wrote LIfe Lessons for Mike as a way for others to understand and avoid what were a lot of hard lessons for him as he grew up. There is no reasons for others to make the same mistakes that he did, he says, especially if they have the chance to learn through others.

Life Lessons for Mike is the young author's first book, but he intends this to be just the start of his writing career.

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