book cover 6-inches wide by 9-inches tall, soft cover, 130 pages, autographed by the author

The Smell of Funny

AUTHOR: Matt West
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing and Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-167-9

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: This book will give you a look inside the mind of a comedy writer. If the author wanted to do stand-up comedy, he already has all the material he needs inside his head. Couldn’t stop reading this book—except when I was laughing so hard I had to put it down.Darl DeVault, Distinctly Oklahoma magazine

BOOK OVERVIEW: A wry blend of hilarity, fantasy and everyday life, educator Matt West’s writing captures the subtle and not-so subtle humor in the life of a Southern family man.

His unique view of ordinary and imagined events leaves the reader either laughing out loud or with a new and amusing insight into daily life. His short, often self-deprecating anecdotes will strike a familiar chord in his audience, although some might think to themselves, "I just wouldn’t have told that one."

More than two decades as a teacher, coach and administrator in a public school system has provided the author with perspective—and often resignation—in his anecdotes of life's travails. His humor is perhaps better informed from his role as husband to wife, Cristy, and dad to five children—three boys and two girls.

But not all of the humor in this work is based on real events. The author's fertile imagination sometimes takes the reader in unexpected directions.

The book leaves the reader wanting more of these somewhat twisted but entertaining musings.