Pickles Cover       8.6 inches wide by 8.75 inches tall, soft cover,
32 color pages inside, autographed by the author!

A Pony Named Pickles

AUTHOR: Molly Tipton
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing & Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-186-0

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: Hard to resist a cute pony named Pickles...and this cute book about his story! This is a book for kids and horse lovers of all ages. Cleverly illustrated and heartwarming, you'll find yourself rooting for this irresistible pony. How could anyone not? This is obviously the work of someone fond of and empathetic to horses. – Darl DeVault, Distinctly Oklahoma magazine

BOOK OVERVIEW: Pickles dreams of reprieve from tragic circumstances. Weak and neglected, he dreams of new beginnings.

This tale of a humble beginning and a triumphant rescue is sure to be a bed-time story frequently revisited for the young ones.

Easy to read format, accompanying illustrations, and based on the actual events in the life of the lovable pony Pickles!