cover photo    8.5-in tall X 11-in wide, 134 color pages inside,
hardback cover

Painting Oklahoma
and Beyond

AUTHOR: Dr. Bob Palmer
PUBLISHER: Book Creation
ISBN: 978-1-7346072-3-9

REVIEWS: This fabulous book is about a fabulous artist and his equally fabulous crew who have painted over 3,000 murals over the state of Oklahoma, across the United States, and around the world.

What a book! What a story!

After you read this book cover to cover, and travel Oklahoma from border to border, you'll see firsthand the work of Dr. Palmer and his crew, from wall to wall. And as a former Oklahoma history teacher from McAlester High, may I point out that many of their wonderful murals paint a graphic history lesson of our great state. – George Nigh (Oklahoma governor 1979-1987)

Dr. Bob Palmer continues to make the Oklahoma landscape more beautiful. There is hardly a community in the state that has not benefitted from his paint brush. Congratulations, Bobby, on your new book and your many beautiful contributions to our fine state. – Robert Aldridge, CEO/President, The Aldridge Foundation

Bob Palmer is a historian who has painted the story of the people and the communities across the state. The landscape of Oklahoma is more beautiful because of this prolific artist and his imagination.
W. Roger Webb, president emeritus of the University of Central Oklahoma