book cover 5.5-inches wide by 8.25-inches tall;
paperback; 361 pages; autographed by the author

Out of Time

AUTHOR: J. Mac Troy
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing & Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-203-4

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: Mac Troy, who spent a lifetime telling stories through video and film, proves that he is also a master storyteller in this novel of high adventure set against realistic scenes drawn from the pages of history. While Mac let his imagination soar in the narrative story, he carefully created a backdrop of realism with names and places that will ring true to any frontier historian. – Dr. Bob Blackburn, author and historian

What a fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A young boy and his talking dog are magically transported back in time to a cattle drive in the 1800s. The author has done a superb job mixing fantasy time travel with an authentic history of cowboys and Indians in the Old West. – Gray Frederickson, American film producer and Oscar-winner (The Godfather: Part II)

BOOK OVERVIEW: Living in twenty-first-century Dallas, teenager T-Bone Stone and his dog, Little Red, are mysteriously hurtled back in time to Indian Territory in the late 1800s. Slowly adjusting to his unexpected new life as a cowhand, the bewildered T-Bone rapidly acquires the skills needed for survival.

While under the guidance of his part-time outlaw trail boss, Bill Doolin, and a Chinese-Apache camp cook named Bad Chang, T-Bone meets an enchanting Cherokee girl named Wind Dancing. Daily life can be challenging in a world of cattle drives, hostile Indians, “Boomer” settlers, and the rough-and-tumble of Oklahoma’s territorial days.

Can T-Bone return to his Dallas home in the future? Does he even want to?