book cover8.5X11-in., hardcover, 230 pages, more than 400 color photos, autographed by the authors

Our Great Hunting Adventure
on Six Continents

AUTHOR: William and Suzanne Lockard
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing and Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-079-5

REVIEW: Safari hunters and adventurers Bill Lockard and his wife, Suzanne, have created something unique in the book world. Their five decades of big-game hunting and outdoor adventures on six continents have been captured in word and photograph in this enthralling 230-page compendium. The depth of its visual and written documentation makes it a rare book, indeed.

Hunters, travelers, adventurers and anthropologists will find much to like in these stories and photos. ... The Lockards traveled to faraway and dangerous places largely in search of wild animals to add to Bill’s collection of game mounts. He almost always prevailed in his quests.

But this book is about more than safari hunting. The authors thrilled both to the international travel and the people they encountered in remote parts of the world. Their joy from making friends with native peoples comes through on these pages. From the wonders of Lalibela in Ethiopia to the frozen haunts of Nunavut in northern Canada, the natural scenery and native inhabitants come to life on these pages.

Kudos to the Lockards for their lifetime of adventure that most only dream of—and for their sharing it with the world in this wonderment of a book.

                                                          – Darl DeVault, Distinctly Oklahoma magazine

BOOK OVERVIEW: Thirty-seven years of hunting and travel adventure on six continents are narrated in this copiously illustrated book. The authors kept meticulous journals of the dates, places and people they encountered. More than 400 color photos by the authors accompany the more than 200 pages of narrative. A checklist of essentials for game hunters and a shooter's guide are included as addenda.