book cover6X9 in., hard cover, numerous photos, autographed by the author

Oklahoma's Most Notorious
Cases, Volume II

AUTHOR: Kent F. Frates
PUBLISHER: Roadrunner Press
ISBN: 978-1-937054-52-6

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: Following up on his previous popular work on Oklahoma's noted crimes, criminals and trials, Oklahoma City attorney Kent F. Frates has published an encore. Oklahoma's Most Notorious Cases, Volume II has the same mesmerizing appeal, coupled with Frates' usual meticulous legal research. Another winner!– Darl DeVault, Distinctly Oklahoma magazine

BOOK OVERVIEW: An Ardmore millionaire killed by his jealous mistress, a western gunslinger shot down in the street, and a prominent doctor whose Valentine Day present to his wife was death, are some of the stories captured in Oklahoma’s Most Notorious Cases, Volume II by Kent F. Frates. The book is a sequel to Frates’ award-winning book Oklahoma’s Most Notorious Cases.

The stories stretch across the state from Seminole County, to the small town of Geronimo, to Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The cases tell stories of outlaws and murderers and, the law enforcement professionals who hunted them down. Many of the cases stir memories of bloody crimes, like the Geronimo Bank murders and, the daylight assassination of Tulsa businessman Roger Wheeler in the parking lot of Southern Hills Country Club. 

Not just about the crimes committed, the book covers the trials involved and the judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers and juries who determined the outcome of each case. Many cases remain controversial. Some defendants convicted by public opinion went free, while some found guilty still plead their innocence. A good read for history buffs, true crime fans, and anyone who agrees that truth is stranger than fiction.