Michael Robertson

LATEST BOOK: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Michael Robertson's first children's book, Are There Giraffes in Heaven? (What About Hippopotamuses?) explored whether animals go to heaven when they die. Robertson, rector of a small parish in Edmond, Oklahoma, now offers to young readers Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, which takes a brother and a sister on a fantasy adventure into the animal afterlife.

After spending 30 years in the financial services industry, Robertson took semi-retirement to pursue "a mid-life answer to a lifelong call." He graduated from seminary and was ordained in the "Traditional" Episcopal Church.

He and his wife, Mary, and their two daughters share a love of animals. His older daughter, Staci, is a veterinarian, and his younger daughter, Michelle, previously served as a canine police officer. Every year Robertson's animal-friendly church holds a St. Francis Day "blessing of the animals" open to the community. Mary Robertson is co-founder and president of Paws for Life, which raises money to support the Edmond Animal Shelter.

In addition to his two children's books, Robertson has written short stories, articles, and a manual for the insurance industry.

OTHER BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR: Are There Giraffes in Heaven (What About Hippopotamuses?)

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