book cover9-inches tall by 11-inches wide, hard cover,
24 color pages, autographed by author

Me and Tree: Always the Best Big Brother

AUTHOR: Lori Jones
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing & Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-202-7

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: Sequels can be repetitious, but Lori Jones has managed a fresh tale featuring the remarkable Tree, the Treeing Walker hound who also doubles as her helper at her dog rescue northwest of Oklahoma City. Bringing into her new book the lovable Rocket Man, a pint-sized rescue dog, the author provides a heartwarming story and a deeper look at the gentle nature of the amazing Tree. – Darl DeVault, Distinctly Oklahoma magazine

BOOK OVERVIEW:The treeing walker hound Tree and his friend Flannel continue their adventures with a new puppy friend named Rocket Man.

Rocket Man comes to Haven of Hope Rescue as an undersized little puppy with some doubts about his ability to thrive. But with the loving care of rescue operator Lori Jones and under the watchful eye of big brother Tree, Rocket Man becomes a small force of his own and impacts the rescue and Lori’s heart in profound ways.

Oklahoma artist Mina Sadeghi continues her remarkable illustrations of these canine characters in ways that endear the reader to the animal's daily lives and struggles.