book cover9-inches tall by 11-inches wide, hard cover,
36 color pages, autographed by author

Me and Tree

AUTHOR: Lori Jones
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing and Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-137-2

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: This is a lovingly told and beautifully illustrated story of a dog rescue operator and the special dog that aids her work. Great for kids and dog lovers of all ages. – Barbara Lewis, author, CEO of New Leash on Life, Inc. in Norman, OK

BOOK OVERVIEW:The Treeing Walker hound dog came to Haven of Hope Rescue as another desperate puppy, hungry for care and affection like so many other abandoned and neglected cases.

But after care and nurturing, this friendly dog—affectionately given the name Tree—proved to be unlike any of the other hundreds of animals taken in by the shelter. Sensing that he was a part of something bigger than his own survival, Tree became a vital helpmate to the rescue operator, Lori.

Tree not only serves the rescue shelter as a helper and watchdog, this amazing animal welcomes and befriends the new dogs as they are introduced to Haven of Hope. This true story of Tree and his caring, uncanny behavior is a dog lover’s fantasy come to life.

Author Lori Jones, who operates Haven of Hope Rescue near Okarche, Oklahoma, combines with Oklahoma City illustrator Mina Sadeghi in this storybook but real account of a quite special dog. A fun read for all age groups.