Mark Bravo


MARK BRAVO is a freelance writer, broadcaster and national road race announcer. Mark has had a long career in TV and radio, speaking and writing at running and sports-focused venues and on the topic of building MOMENTUM in one’s overall life. Mark has coached many individuals and started fifteen years ago mentoring runners.

A veteran of 50 marathons and 400 road races, Mark has a personal best of 2:44 in the marathon, 34:30 in the 10K, and ran a 17:00 5K the night he turned 40. After two hip surgeries – the last a total hip replacement May 2007 – Mark returned to running and 11 months later ran a 43 minute 10K. Mark doesn’t measure accomplishments by the clock; he believes that athletic excellence is a personal quest that varies for each individual. He says the journey we take on isn’t always of our choosing; nonetheless, it can be one of amazing growth and unrelenting possibilities.

Mark serves as a spokesman and commentator for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, which is now recognized as one of the country's premier marathons. He also manages Oklahoma City's OK Runner, a running specialty store with several locations in central Oklahoma.

Mark consults runners and others with a strong lean toward his definition of overall wellness. His view of a true “athlete” carries far beyond the physical. Mark and his wife, Leslie, live in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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