Lori Jones

LATEST BOOK: Me and Tree: Always the Best Big Brother

Lori Jones and her husband, Richard, operate Haven of Hope Rescue near Okarche, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma native came by her love and concern for dogs at a young age through the influence of her father.

Haven of Hope Rescue has saved hundreds of dogsā€”dogs abused and neglected, dogs dumped and abandoned, and last-chance dogs in shelters. The rescued dogs and puppies are housed in a clean, nurturing facility, where many for the first time learn to trust and hope for a life of care and respect.

Under the auspices of Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization based in Oklahoma, the shelter has provided medical and emotional care for dogs since 2009. Besides rescuing lost, injured and vulnerable dogs, Haven of Hope strives to nurture and prepare these animals to reunite with caring people as pets.

All rescued dogs are spayed or neutered at the facility. These animals are fully vetted prior to adoption, with any health issues clearly communicated to potential new families. Finally, a home visit is made prior to approval of an adoption.

Although Haven of Hope is largely self-funded, like other rescue shelters it depends on the generosity of the public to maintain its focus on saving dogs. Sponsorships and donations in any form are greatly appreciated to continue this mission. More about Haven of Hope is available at its website:

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