book cover5-inches X 8-inches, hard cover, 42 pages, autographed by the author, heavily illustrated

Life Lessons for Mike

AUTHOR: William K. Seaton
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing and Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-091-7

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: The book’s main character, Mike, shows that young people don’t always have to be the best—they just need to try hard and do their best. – Joe Washington, author of The Seven Secrets of the Silver Shoes

Illustrator Mina Sadeghi provides just the right touch to bring these characters to life and drive home the lessons in this work. – Darl DeVault, Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine

BOOK OVERVIEW: Life for young Mike Miller can be difficult. He's not very popular or athletic, and he is not the brightest kid in his class. But Mike wants to improve. Through a series of three events in Mike's life he learns important lessons.

In the first segment of this book, Mike tries taking a short-cut to achieve academic success. This doesn't work out too well, and he learns that just doing his best is good enough.

In Mike's second lesson, he learns how work to improve his poor athletic skills can and does pay off. And along the way he picks up some new friends.

The final lesson in this book deals with Mike's difficulties dealing with change in his life. But just like with his other lessons, he learns that answers always lie within his own character.

New author Williams Seaton captures well the mini-crises that kids go through while growing up. He explains the lessons of honesty, perseverance and patience that help youngsters grow through these often difficult times.

The author's collaboration with Oklahoma City illustrator Mina Sadeghi pays off with heart-warming illustrations that combine with this narrative to keep the reader's attention.