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Oklahoma author Leonard Hansen

LATEST BOOK: The Great Wild Sheep Adventure

Leonard Hansen was born in Minnesota and grew up on a small acreage in an Oklahoma City suburb, where he first began hunting with a BB gun. His hunting experiences grew during summers spent on his grandparents’ ranch in South Dakota.

Admitted to Oklahoma Military Academy in 1962, he graduated with honors in 1964. He earned a business degree from Dana College in Blair, Neb., and went on to earn a master’s degree in business administration from Central Missouri State University.

After employment in Kansas City, he moved back to Oklahoma City to start his own business in commercial development. Married in 1976, Leonard and his wife, Shirley, soon had a daughter and son. Tragedy struck in 1994 when Shirley was killed in an automobile accident.

He became a serious hunter in the 1980s, regularly taking deer, turkey and squirrel. His first guided hunt was for a moose in Alaska. Afterward, he began hunting elk, antelope and bear.

Leonard became intrigued with hunting wild sheep in the late 1980s when he viewed the regal Rocky Mountain bighorn in great numbers while hunting mule deer outside Yellowstone National Park. He eventually booked a Dall sheep hunt in Alaska in 2003 and began his quest—although unplanned at the time—for his Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep.

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