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Oklahoma author Kent F. Frates

LATEST BOOK: Oklahoma's Most Notorious Cases, Vol. II

Kent Frates is an Oklahoma City attorney who has practiced law in the state since the 1960s. He is the author of numerous award-wining historical articles, the nationally acclaimed Oklahoma's Most Notorious Cases, the poetry book The Captain and his Crew, and the novel Don't Never Shoot Short. He also has two works of nonfiction to his credit, Oklahoma Hiking Trails and Oklahoma Courthouse Legends.

Frates was an editor and publisher of Sports Source magazine, a statewide publication for outdoor fitness events and activities from 2001-2006. An avid hiker and mountaineer, he has hiked and climbed throughout the American West.

An economics graduate from Stanford University, the native Oklahoma received his JD from the University of Arizona School of Law in 1964. He served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1970-1978, and as minority leader for the House from 1976-1978.

Specializing in real estate, business and insurance law, the long-term attorney has handled a variety of cases over his career, including criminal, health care, domestic relations and more.

He edits and publishes the political newsletter Common Sense, mailed quarterly to readers upon request.

OTHER CREATIVE WORKS BY THE AUTHOR: Frates wrote the script for the 2004 independent movie "Cockfight," which featured Robert Knott, Wilford Brimley, Gailard Sartain and Rex Linn.

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