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June Simmons

LATEST BOOK: Jack the Freedom Dog

June Simmons, of Conway, Arkansas, feels that the best word to describe her is “teacher.” After retiring from a forty-year career teaching high school English, she taught creative writing for nine years to elementary and middle school students at Blackbird Academy of Arts in Conway.

It was at Blackbird that her stories of her mischievous dog, Jack, first came to life as “the freedom dog.” A rowdy, little stray dog had joined her family, and she and her son named him Jack. Her students loved to hear June's stories about his antics and adventures. Jack the Freedom Dog was not originally written with publishing in mind, but rather as a "mentor" story to encourage her students to write about their own pets.

Although the story was written for children ages five through twelve, both parents and children will relate to the lovable character who learns the important life lessons: to respect and accept someone very different, and to value and nurture friendships.

She may believe the best description for her is "teacher," but she can also now be called "author" of a children's book.

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