book cover 6.7-inch by 9.6-inch; all color; hard cover; cover, 44 pages, autographed by the author

Journey to Marlsgate

AUTHOR: June Simmons
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing & Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-208-9

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: "June has told a touching story of Marlsgate Plantation in the most endearing way possible: through the eyes of Ruby and the generations of beloved dogs who might have lived there. From that conceit, it unfolds into a beautiful history of place, capturing the transformation of the area and its people over generations. It's a triumph." – Graham Gordy, screenwriter of “Quarry,” “Rectify,” and “True Detective”

BOOK OVERVIEW: Journey to Marlsgate tells the imaginative story of Ruby and this elegant little dog's circuitous route to her happy home at Marlsgate Plantation. The setting for the book on and around the plantation (also known as the historic William P. Dortch house) is in Scott, Arkansas, just east of Little Rock.

While the physical setting doesn't change, the different time periods on Ruby's dream-like journey vary greatly. So do the people around Ruby as she struggles to get to her final destination at Marlsgate. Cameo appearances are made by an up-and-coming singer who hails from nearby northern Mississippi (hint: he later sings about a hound dog), and by a certain ambitious Arkansas politician who later lands in the White House (no hint needed) and who has an affinity for the area's fine dining.

Through hardships, changing times and kind people, Ruby (or is it her well-traveled spirit?) perseveres in her quest to get to the home where she has always belonged (even when she didn't quite know where it was.) The author weaves an entertaining narrative from the past but with the observant Ruby's spirit narrating the action. The story is lovingly illustrated by the writer herself, showing her versatility with both pen and brush.