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Oklahoma author Jennifer Hustis

LATEST BOOK: The Wild Horse Who Loved the Girl

Jennifer Cocoma Hustis has dedicated herself to a lifelong study of horses and horsemanship. In 2010 she founded Art of Horsemanship LLC, a holistic approach to horse and rider. This approach has the goals of building confidence in leadership abilities, and nurturing creative thinking and problem solving through a safe and imaginative way to approach natural horsemanship and art lessons for all ages. Art of Horsemanship LLC not only nurtures a good foundation in horsemanship through learning equine behavior and how to safely interact with horses, but also unlocks the creative and intuitive communication that horses can evoke.

Alongside her enthusiasm for horses, Jennifer is a distinguished artist who uses her talents to promote and create awareness about horses through depicting emotionally driven artworks. In 2001 the artist was inspired by a real life close encounter with a wild mustang herd and has been passionately driven to advocate the mustang’s plight ever since.

The Oklahoma artist has spent her life capturing the spirit of animals in her expressive drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures. She believes that animals are messengers in life. Jennifer’s art has received numerous accolades and awards in national and international exhibits. Her work has been published in books and is on displayed in permanent museum collections throughout Oklahoma. Her commissioned artwork is enjoyed in both private and public venues.

Jennifer has a master of fine arts degree in painting and sculpture from Pratt Institute in New York and a bachelor's of fine arts from the University of Oklahoma. She shares her gifts by teaching all ages and creating interactive art programming for museums, non-profits and community public projects. The Wild Horse Who Loved the Girl is her first children’s book, inspired by a true story and one of many stories she has gathered from her life of learning with horses.

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