book cover6 in. X 9 in., hard cover, 268 pages, autographed by the author (exclusive numbered, leather-bound editions available on request)

The Great Wild Sheep Adventure

AUTHOR: Leonard Hansen (with Larry Floyd)
PUBLISHER: The RoadRunner Press
ISBN: 978-1-937054-16-8

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: This book is a must-read for anyone considering a run at the Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep or just hunting any of these elusive creatures. ... For those who just enjoy a good hunting and outdoor adventure yarn—there’s plenty of both in this book. The photos, natural descriptions and local histories provide an interesting travelogue for these exotic locations. — Aaron Davidson, Founder of Gunwerks, LLC, and producer of “Long Range Pursuit” on the Sportsman Channel

BOOK OVERVIEW: The hunting adventures associated with the author's completion of the Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep made a life-changing impression on him. After accepting his award for this distinction in 2012, he thought of how he could preserve these profound experiences for others with a book.

And he had other goals for his book, as the hunt for these wild sheep had meant more to him than collecting sheep mounts. The exotic locales of these hunts, ranging from the Rio Grande to the Alaskan bush, were often breathtaking in their beauty. Hansen tries to capture this scenery with his narrative and in the dozens of color photos in the book.

The author attempts to bring out the rich history of many of the areas he hunted. This was often a history of not only hunters, but of soldiers, settlers, prospectors and outlaws.

Hansen collaborated with an outdoor author and historian, fellow Oklahoman Larry Floyd, to help him in the presentation of this narrative. The book resulted from more than six months of interviews and discussions about Hansen's experiences to attain the Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep.