book cover 11-inches wide by 9-inches tall, hard cover, 28 pages, autographed by the author, illustrated by
artist Greg Burns

A Forever Home for Buddy

AUTHOR: Gina Brumley Stanley
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing and Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-157-0

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: This heartwarming story and clever illustrations provide both entertainment and instruction. Truly a real-life adventure that some dogs experience. – Pat Becker, author and hostess of

BOOK OVERVIEW: Buddy thought he had a good life as a pup, living in the woods with his mom and siblings. But his world changed suddenly when he and his family were taken to a shelter.

The frightened pup soon found a new home in a prison program for dogs. He shared a cell with Jim, who treated him kindly and taught him useful behavior. His life changed again when he was taken from Jim and placed with a new family.

As he settled in with his new loving family, he began training as a service dog. And he learned that his mom and siblings had also found loving families, and they too were providing help as service dogs.

He had found his forever family and life was good—just as he had always thought.

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