8.5-in X 5.5 in, 233 pages, autographed by the author

Don't Never Shoot Short

AUTHOR: Kent Frates
PUBLISHER: BridgewayBooks
ISBN: 978-1-933538-89-1

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: “All in all a real modern Western, wrapped in mystery, danger and excitement, and one you will enjoy reading.” – Shirley Priscilla Johnson at Amazon.com

“It’s an absolutely delightful book, incorporating intriguing historical background on Oklahoma and Colorado and, as a bonus, some good poetry. ... Don’t Never Shoot Short is irreverent, fun, philosophical, and a dang good read.” – Mary Ann Smyth at BookLoons.com

BOOK OVERVIEW: Ken “Snake” Frasier is a deputy sheriff and oil and gas landman who lives in Cordell, Oklahoma, more by chance than by choice. Snake’s rough-and-tumble world is populated by courthouse regulars and irregulars, oil-patch characters, and colorful criminals.

As a deputy sheriff, Snake is thrust into a standoff between the sheriff of Washita County and a right-wing militia group known as the Freemen. As the confrontation between the sheriff and the militia escalates into a national incident, Snake searches for a mysterious witness in a murder case. The action sprawls across Oklahoma into the Colorado Rockies, drawing Snake toward a harrowing confrontation with the dangerous “General” Sherman and a startling outcome to his murder investigation.

Some of the chapters end with poems by the author, and each are related to the narrative or a scene in the chapter. An established poet with a published book of poetry, the author occasionally publishes his poetry in periodicals. The poems in this book add considerable color to these chapter endings.