book cover Hard cover with dust jacket, 120 pages, all color,
10.375 inches wide, 10 inches tall

A Celebration of Symphony Designer House

AUTHOR: Larry Floyd
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing & Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-152-5

BOOK OVERVIEW: With the approach of Little Rock's twenty-fifth Symphony Designer House in spring 2020, officials of the Symphony Guild commissioned a colorful, uplifting book to celebrate this milestone event. Research and writing of the history of Designer House from 1975 to 2020 began in early 2019.

This work includes a brief history of each of these frequently historic homes as well as a brief account of each biennial event. These accounts were written from the perspective of principal volunteers from each Designer House event and through use of other primary sources.

Fortunately, the Guild had kept a file of articles and records from each of these events. But with many of the original photos of the Designer Houses lost over time, a local photographer was tasked with photographing the houses in their current state. Remarkably, almost all these structures had been well maintained.

This book is the culmination of more than a year’s research, interviews, photography, writing and design and commemorates the designers and volunteers who made these community events possible. The pages in this book also capture a special part of Little Rock community history.