book cover 8-in. wide by 6.125-in. tall, soft cover, 46 pages
color illustrations, autographed by the author

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

AUTHOR: J. Michael Robertson
ISBN: 978-1-948362-19-1

Mike Robertson has a most appealing spiritual side to his books! He has a real knack for helping children to understand the significance of pets and all living creatures in the animal world. – Pat Becker, author and hostess of DogTalkTV.

A sequel to the author's first book, Are There Giraffes in Heaven? (What About Hippopotamuses?), this story takes the young brother and sister (Stephen and Holly) introduced in the first book on a fantasy adventure to a place just this side of heaven. It is a place where animals are healthy and vigorous once more, where they can run and play in meadows and hills as the wait for their human friends to join them.

Stephen and Holly find themselves able to communicate with the animals living beyond the Rainbow Bridge. And they learn many things, such as the fact that "killer whales" would much prefer to be called orcas. But their visit comes to an end when they awake from the dream and they describe the experience to their parents, who remind them that something even greater awaits them someday on the other side of the bridge.

Author Michael Robertson, rector of a small parish in Edmond, Oklahoma, combines with illustrator Debra Hogue to tell this delightful tale of the wonder, beauty and companionship of God's animal creation.