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Book Titles (alphabetized) ISBN # Author's Name
Adventures on a Summer's Day 978-1-63302-074-0 Pat Becker
Are There Giraffes in Heaven? No ISBN Robertson, Michael
Bart...Best Dog Ever! 978-1-63302-188-4 Meek, Angela
Bodacious Bo: The Pound Prince 978-1-63302-040-5 Pat Becker
Captain and His Crew, The No ISBN Frates, Kent
Celebration of Symphony Designer House, A 978-1-63302-152-5 Floyd, Larry
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge 978-1-948362-19-1 Robertson, Michael
Don't Never Shoot Short 978-1-933538-89-1 Frates, Kent
Forever Home for Buddy, A 978-1-63302-157-0 Stanley, Gina Brumley
Great Wild Sheep Adventure, The 978-1-937054-16-8 Hansen, Leonard
I Love Being Me No ISBN Pat Becker
Jack the Freedom Dog 978-1-63302-126-6 Simmons, June
Life Lessons for Mike 978-1-63302-091-7 Seaton, William K.
Lucky Leo 978-1-63302-064-1 Pat Becker
Me and Tree 978-1-63302-137-2 Lori Jones
Momentum 978-1-61663-878-8 Mark Bravo
Oklahoma Courthouse Legends 978-0-615-37632-5 Frates, Kent F.
Oklahoma Hiking Trails 978-0-8061-4141-1 Floyd, L. Frates, K.
Oklahoma's Most Notorious Cases 978-1-937054-33-5 Frates, Kent F.
Oklahoma's Most Notorious Cases, Vol. II 978-1-937054-52-6 Frates, Kent F.
Painting Oklahoma and Beyond 978-1-7346072-3-9 Palmer, Bob
Pony Named Pickles, A 978-1-63302-186-0 Tipton, Molly
Saga of Buddy Payless, The 978-1-63302-046-7 Becker, Pat
Search for Paradise, The 978-1-63302-030-6 Becker, Pat
Series of Their Own, A 978-0-9893007-0-4 Floyd, Larry, et al
Seven Secrets of the Silver Shoes, The 978-1-61777-303-7 Washington, Joe
Smell of Funny, The 978-1-63302-167-9 West, Matt
Successful Working Dogs 978-1-63302-119-8 Barbara Lewis
Wild Horse Who Loved the Girl, The 978-1-63302-089-4 Hustis, Jennifer


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