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Bill and Suzanne Lockard

LATEST BOOK: Our Great Hunting Adventure on Six Continents

By the late 1960s, Oklahoma City residents Bill and Suzanne Lockard had three young children and a thriving dental practice. Undeterred by adult life’s usual barriers, the couple determined to share Bill’s youth-inspired hunting adventures and Sue’s own wanderlust with safaris and travels to remote sites around the globe.

In 1968 they hunted game in Uttar Pradesh State in India and followed up with a 1971 hunt in Paraguay for the elusive South American jaguar. The Lockards extended their quest for safari and travel to the African continent in 1972 with a lengthy game hunt in Mozambique.

After more African safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe in the early 1980s, the Lockards trekked to Katmandu, Nepal, in 1989. With Bill’s retirement from his dental practice in the early 1990s, the Lockards satisfied their adventuresome appetite with a feast of safari and international travels.

Hunting adventures in Spain (1992), Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan (1993), and Tanzania (1994) were followed by hunts in New Zealand and Australia (1994), and Turkey and Bulgaria (1995) before returning to the African continent in 1997 for safari in Sudan and Ethiopia. The Lockards’ final safari as a team ended in 1999 in the Central African Republic, where Sue contracted a case of malaria.

Their 31 years of hunting and travel adventure together included three joint birthday celebrations (they have the same birthdate) while on safari and vivid shared memories of travel and hunting adventure that most couples can barely imagine. They also made friends with local guides and their families and explored the rich, exotic cultures of the inhabitants of these remote lands.

Their 19 safari adventures on five continents also contributed to the biggest share of Bill’s remarkable collection of 163 specimens, including 71 animals listed in the Safari Club International record book. Bill’s safari and hunting adventures netted him nine SCI Grand Slams and four SCI Pinnacle of Achievement Awards. In February 2012, he received the SCI Crowning Achievement Award.

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