book cover 7.75-in. wide by 8-in. tall, soft cover, 54 pages
color illustrations, autographed by the author

Are There Giraffes in Heaven? (What About Hippopotamuses?)

AUTHOR: J. Michael Robertson

Mike Robertson has a most appealing spiritual side to his books! He has a real knack for helping children to understand the significance of pets and all living creatures in the animal world. — Pat Becker, author and hostess of DogTalkTV.

What animal lover has not wondered if there will be a place in heaven for all of God's creatures?

As a traditional Episcopal priest and lifelong pet owner, the Rev. J. Michael Robertson had been asked this question many times, and wondered about it himself. After much prayer and study, he wrote and self-published Are There Giraffes in Heaven? (What About Hippopotamuses?), his first illustrated children's book. This book offers his thoughts about what happens to our beloved pets when they die.

In this story, Stephen, age 5, and his sister, Holly, age 7, when faced with the death of a schoolmate's dog, asked their mom, "Do dogs got to heaven?" After a family discussion with more questions, they continue the discussion with their parish priest, Father Lewis.

The answer in this book is full of insight, hope, and promise for young readers. (The author's sequel to this book is Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, found at this site.)