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Angela Meek

LATEST BOOK: Bart...Best Dog Ever!

Author of Bart...Best Dog Ever!, Angela Meek wrote this book to commemorate her beloved Staffordshire Terrier, that came to an unfortunate end in an accident. Her sensitive portrayal of Bart, as told from his perspective, underscores the love she felt for this special dog and serves as a fundraiser for 3 Girls Animal Rescue, near Poteau, Okla.

Angela is one of three women at 3 Girls Animal Rescue who, with the help of supportive husbands and caring fosters, try their very best to make sure no innocent animal has to suffer the horrible fate of a gas chamber. They pull the animals from the pound, have them vetted, spayed/neutered and find fosters or adopters for them.

3 Girls started January 1, 2013, and has saved over 400 animals. They say they rescue because without them, precious babies will die. They rescue because these animals have so much love to give. They rescue because when they look into the eyes of the dogs and cats in those pens at the pound, they see souls. They see fear, where there should be joy, and they HAVE to help them.

They do not currently have a facility and are always in need of more fosters and donations for vet bills and food. Without fosters, they cannot pull the animals. Without donations, they cannot pay for their spay/neuter and vet care.

OTHER BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR: None at present (too busy with 3 Girls Animal Rescue)

CONTACT INFORMATION FOR AUTHOR: If you have comments for the author about this or other of the author’s writings, or if you would like to schedule the author for a book signing or related event, please email the author at:, or you can write to the author at P.O. Box 721625, Oklahoma City, OK 73172.