book cover5.5-in. wide & 8.5-inches tall, hard cover, color illustrations, autographed by the author

Adventures on a Summer's Day

AUTHOR: Pat Becker
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing and Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-074-0

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: With her usual imaginative flair, Pat Becker brings to life this new series about a band of pet dogs and cats and their adventures in a loving home in an ideal setting. Readers of all ages will smile within when they recognize the human qualities the author has imbued in all these animals. And the interaction of these pets as they experience their various adventures will undoubtedly connect with discerning readers.

Readers can look forward to more entertaining and heartwarming stories about these animal characters, as this is the first of an illustrated series about the lives and adventures of the band of dogs and cats known as Bandit and Company.– Darl DeVault, Executive Editor, Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine

BOOK OVERVIEW: This is the first of a developing series by Pat Becker on the adventures of a varied group of house pets in an ideal home setting. This introduction to the Bandit and Company series establishes the origins of the book's main character, Bandit, and how he comes to be the protector of the sometimes-contentious band of animal companions. Along with introducing the dog and cat characters, this episode develops around the difficulties of an aging member of the group and how the youngest of these pets uses her unique talents to rescue her aged companion from a life-threatening situation. The oversized book is gorgeously illustrated by Oklahoma artist Margaret Gaeddert.