Bart Cover 8-inch by 10-inch, hard cover, 32 pages with color photographs, autographed by the author

Bart...Best Dog Ever!

AUTHOR: Angela Meek
PUBLISHER: Total Publishing and Media
ISBN: 978-1-63302-188-4

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS: Congratulations to Angela Meek and her wonderful staff at 3 Girls Animal Rescue in southeast Oklahoma. This is one of my favorite rescues, and this book features one of my favorite breeds of dogs—the Staffordshire Terrier! – Pat Becker, author ( and producer/host of

BOOK OVERVIEW: Told from the point of view of Bart, a remarkable Staffordshire Terrier, the affable canine tells of his coming to 3 Girls Animal Rescue in southeast Oklahoma, where he finds a home with an assortment of other dogs and cats.

Bart develops special relationships with some of the younger human friends that he senses are somehow related to some of the mature humans at his new home.

Bart not only learns how to socialize with his new animal friends, he learns to help his human friends with chores around the 'ranch' that houses the shelter. Included in Bart's happy life are occasional trips to far-away locations where he meets even more animal and human friends. On these travels Bart proves to be quite helpful in training some of the new, younger pets in how to behave on these road trips.

Bart's friendliness with animals and humans alike, as well as his helpfulness with the animals around him, earns him the memorable title of Best Dog Ever!